Welcome to CrossFit

CrossFit is the 'FITTEST ON EARTH' but is scaled to meet the average everyday individual as well as the advanced athlete. The workouts will be modified to meet your body's physical capacity. The coach will assess your mobility, range of motion, and ask about your background in fitness or physical duress. Once assessed then your workout will be given to you and you will workout with the group class.
Our beginners start during regular group classes. Each class ranges from beginner to advanced athletes.This is your time. Come in 10 minutes early and be on time. We start ON TIME! Our group classes are tailored for everyone new to CrossFit, no matter what your physical abilities. It is a warm up, a quick workout, and a conversation about your goals and CrossFit. You will be assessed, see our facility, and experience a sample of what we have to offer you. This is the beginning of your new life. Call ahead of time or drop in at any of our class times to try your first session for free!