Changes to FCC and New Rates

'In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.'                                                         
            Proverbs 16:9

Dear Members:

The Lord opens doors and closes doors and we have to honor that. The merger/ownership change with STX will no longer be taking place...  

So what's next for FCC?

The excitement from our members to have different programs offered and giving a variety of fitness options was overwhelming. As owners, we were excited for this as well.  Building off that excitement, FCC will be expanding its brand and offering Spinning/Cycling, Kickboxing, Battle Rope, HIIT, and Kettlebell in addition to our already CrossFit and Bootcamp classes. We will also have a supervised child center at certain times in the day, or as the demand is needed, along with an outside play area. New classes will start to kick off in the next three weeks. We plan to fulfill our vision for FCC when we started it six years ago.  

The new fees will be:

$100 Unlimited                       $160 Couple Unlimited     $60 Youth Unlimited  
$75 Individual 3X Week           $120 Couples 3X Week    $40 Youth 3X Week

10% Off for Active Military/Firefighter/Law Enforcement
Month-to-Month (no contracts) with a 30 day cancellation

We are excited about seeing our vision come to pass and hope we can continue to fulfill the fitness and nutrition need in our community. We want to personally thank all those who have supported FCC and continue to support FCC and we hope that we can continue to grow together!

'Be Strong and Courageous'
Joshua 1:1-18